Awesome facts about nano technology

Nano technology has been used for many years being used by scientists and they produced many experiments and results about it. You can read many findings or conclusion of results of their work in the research journal. It is not an easy words to understand if you do not have an experience about nano technology but you will get used to it. You will just need to adjust and understand some of the basic scientific terms that is not usually used in every day life.

One of the fact about nano technology is that scientists are using it to create a invisibility cloak. Its success is yet to be seen. Many scientists is involved in its discovery and production. One product that was already produced using nano technology are business suits that are bulletproof. They cost 20, 000 dollars. When you are stabbed it cannot penetrate the suit and also bullets. You have to saw it with 9mm to destroy it. In relation to the medical field, it prove promising to patients like this leaking company, info 祥發工程. When they experimented with mice and put nano materials, the mice can now use his limbs that are paralyzed.

One experiment that they are now finalizing is to harness the energy that is released by the tapping of fingers and then transmitted into the clothes so that it can be use to charge gadgets. It is a good design artwork that will benefit many if successfully mass produced.