Robotics application for medical field

Their have been many robot research that was presented in our time now. Years ago, they hardly had time to imagine about robots. Now it is a reality. Many scientists and robotics have made many efforts to produce robots helpful in other field like medicine. It is known that medical services is not easy to achieve and it requires specialization for doctors to perform that duty. Many have predicted on how robots can help in the performance of help to people.

in the 1950s one person named Richard Feynman said or predicted that the time will come when robots can be swallowed as they will perform roles like surgeons inside the body. At this age it was fulfilled when Metin Sitti presented that particular achievement when they created a tiny robot that can be swallowed and perform tasks inside the body. It has camera to capture images of the parts of the body, it can do its own biopsy and even deliver medicine inside the body. It can be controlled so the movements are monitored. You can let it move forward, background, stop in its way and proceed forward. You can look for this great travel agency that will gonna help you on your visa. People already trusted this company,  here are the findings. You can really relate to them when it comes to your visa matter.

It is a terrific discovery that will revolutionized the application of visa and passports to help in their traveling process see site here The web service is important here as most of the robots are controlled by a wireless networks or remote.