The power of nano machines, the smallest robots

Many robots now exist in the world. They are now doing the purpose they have been developed. They can be the ones in the hospital or the ones who entertains customers. They function as efficiently as their human counterparts. Many are now amazed by them and appreciate them. But their are more to the robots. They are not just life size now but also they were developed and discovered in small parts. If you have not made some research on robots, you may have not encountered about this nano machines or the smallest robots.

You can immediately see the big robots but the nano robots are different. Many uses of nano robots are found and that it has many kinds also. The nano robots developed can move that we will not notice them. They can do something without us seeing them. They are more amazing and you will appreciate them more because of what they can do. Let us see about the nano motors. This kind are smaller in size than a one cell of a person. They can change in form, move and also do what work they should do in the environment they are in.

Scientists have created nano cars, switch, motors, shuttle and also turnstiles using this nano motors. The molecular switches can be controlled by a certain factor. They can useĀ software design steps to help in creating this nano motors that now is developed so that they can act collectively.