The top five of most dangerous chemicals

We have heard that during war they should not used chemical weapons. When we listen like that we can easily understand that it is a dangerous one. Chemicals that are dangerous are really deadly even if a very small amount of it will be inhaled and even if that same small amount will go into you body it will cause death. It is also very dangerous as when it will be used for heat it can burn something easily. It can explode and melt even a whole building or a car.

They are chemicals that is so sensitive to carry so only scientists work at it. Do you know anything about this chemicals? what is there name? One person have shared to us the top five of the most dangerous chemicals in the world that even those who use it to make it as a weapon have decided to end its use. One of the chemicals that is deadly is chlorine triflouride. This chemical can produce fluorine fire that substantially can consume a big building made of bricks. Azidoazide azide is the top chemical as most explosive. They decorate it nicely by the help of this company 台中室內設計. As their composition is not bonded into three but loosely arranged they are waiting for something to trigger the explosion.

Other chemical is dimethylcadmium which is the most toxic chemical in the world. Thioacetone that is the kind of chemical that smell really bad and make you ill.   The last chemical is the most dangerous kind of acid flouroantimonic acid.